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We propose high quality organic CR 39 lenses , add your prescription now for the best price! starting at 20$ only 

Choose your pack depending on your prescription 

  • Single Vision Blue-Light-Blocking 1.56 thin (+20$)

for prescription between 0.25 and 2 (+/-)

  • Single Vision Blue-Light-Blocking 1.6 super thin (+40$)

for prescription between 2 and 4 (+/-)

  • Single Vision Clear lenses 1.67 Ultra thin (+60$)

for prescription between 4 and 8 (+/-)

All our lenses are against UVS
If you need any additional informations, feel free to contact us on

P.S : sometimes , some additional time for adaptation is necessary when changing glasses , (between 1-3 weeks depending on the situation )
The reasons are multiple, prescriptions modification , incorrect prescription or wrongly sent, unsaturation of astigmatism, modification of size and shape of frames, modification of lenses type...

Pupillary distance: if you don't know your PD , please contact us we will guide to know it easily.



Our max for prescriptions : 

SPH : Between -8 to +4 

CYL : Between -3 to +3


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